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Alchemy Institute founder David Quigley has helped thousands of people to conquer pain and disease, lose weight, heal relationships, and overcome addictions.

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Alchemical Hypnotherapy

Alchemical Hypnotherapy - A Manual of Practical Techniques

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Often described as the definitive Alchemical text, the 95 page book (printed version) describes all the techniques and concepts basic to Alchemical Work. This is a textbook of many hypnosis trainings in schools throughout America, and is the perfect introduction for someone new to this kind of work.

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La Hipnoterapia Alquimica

La Hipnoterapia Alquimica - Un Manual De Las Tecnicas De Practicas

Digital PDF Download $11.95

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NEW! Spanish Edition of Alchemical Hypnotherapy - A Manual of Practical Techniques. Often described as the definitive Alchemical text, the 95 page book (printed version) describes all the techniques and concepts basic to Alchemical Work. This is a textbook of many hypnosis trainings in schools throughout America, and is the perfect introduction for someone new to this kind of work.

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Somatic Healing DVD

Are you ready to learn how to heal the underlying causes of illness that live in the subconscious mind?

This Somatic Healing DVD will guide you through the first steps in understanding the principles of this world-renowned body of work , taught for over 12 years now by David Quigley at the Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis and around the world.  Earns 2 CEU’s for Introductory Home Study.

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David Quigley speaks about the Alchemy Institute

The Alchemy Institute for the Healing Arts was founded for the purpose of preparing students to work as hypnotherapists, hypnotherapeutic body workers, and group therapy facilitators. As the latest incarnation of the ancient mystery schools of Alchemy, we return to the Earth an ancient and powerful spiritual tradition of working with inner guides, inner teachers, healers in altered states of consciousness. We initiate our students, who come from all backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles, into these mystical arts and empower them to take those skills into the lives of everyone their hearts can touch, through the three vehicles of hypnotherapy, massage/bodywork, and the Empowerment process of group initiation.

The Alchemy Institute was founded by David Quigley, C.H.T., the developer of Alchemical Hypnotherapy in 1984. It is a California State approved vocational school located in beautiful Santa Rosa, California approximately one hour north of San Francisco. It offers week-end and month-long residential hypnosis career trainings. Our trainings lead to certification by the National Guild of Hynotists.


Have you ever longed for a career in which you could help others to access the miraculous healing power of their inner mind? To be able to use a technology that is reliable and safe as well as financially rewarding? You are not alone.

I was also in that place. Back in the seventies, I was suicidal, chronically depressed, had a serious drug addiction and a crippling form of rheumatoid arthritis. As an agnostic who was skeptical of religion, medicine or counseling, since none had been able to help me, I was lost. I had researched all the current training programs and intensely studied the area of psychology, ministry and medicine. All that was offered turned out to be too long, too academic, and too expensive and just didn't work for me. None offered a proven technology to help me access my own inner power or set me free of pain and addiction in a timely manner.

Then with the help, inspiration, and guidance of my Higher Self, I was able to heal myself. In addition, in 1975, my inner guides told me I had a duty to bring this healing technology to others. I studied Carl Jung's psychology, Gestalt therapy and the spiritual teachings of Shamanism and Buddhism. I took courses in clinical hypnosis, Ericksonian hypnosis, and NLP. They all helped me create a basis for what has become Alchemical hypnosis.

I no longer have any symptoms of my rheumatoid arthritis; the drug addictions and depression are not a part of my life. I am excited and grateful for each day and the path I have chosen. In 20 years I have trained over 2000 Hypnotherapists in this spiritual science of healing known as "alchemy", which is a unique combination of proven procedures for healing everything from addictions to phobias. Our work is designed to empower our clients to find their "Inner Guides" who are powerful internal resources for healing. We train our clients to work with these guides every day of their lives. I invite you also to join our growing Alchemical Family.

Alchemy has worked for over 2000 people, including myself! I know it can work for you.

David Quigley


The Alchemy Institute has trained 2000 hypnotherapists since 1984. Our practitioners form a nationwide community of spiritually oriented therapists, teachers, and workshop leaders. Please join our alchemical family. 

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We are also affiliated with the National Guild of Hypnotists. 

Our institute also sponsors empowerment workshops, Somatic Healing™ and other classes in satellite centers throughout the USA. Call our office for information about our classes in all of these areas: Check Our Calendar For Dates and Times


If you are a graduate of the Alchemy Institute and wish to sponsor a workshop or training in your area or to list your own alchemy center here, please call our office or Email us

What is Alchemical Hypnotherapy?

Alchemy has traditionally been associated with the transmutation of base metals into gold. The ancient Alchemists made clear in their writings that the substance of their transformation was the human soul. Their goal was the transmutation of the base metals of human emotions and instincts within the subconscious mind into the gold of self-realization. The vehicles of this transformative process were the archetypes, the Inner Guides.

Thus Alchemy can be defined as the spiritual discipline of working with Inner Guides. These powerful and autonomous beings live within the subconscious mind and can guide us effectively to health, happiness, relationships, prosperity, and most important, the fulfillment of our spiritual purpose! These Guides can be accessed through the hypnotic state.

Alchemical Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic process designed to assist the client in working with their Inner Guides to change their lives. Alchemical Hypnotherapy synthesizes techniques from many modern schools of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and Psychology. It includes Gestalt, Regression Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Psychosynthesis and Shamanism with the ancient science of Alchemy as translated and channeled to the modern world by Dr. Carl Jung.

Specifically, Alchemical Hypnotherapy, as developed by David Quigley, includes all the following processes:

  • The rescue of the inner child from the trauma, neglect, and emotional pain of the past.
  • Providing the inner child with new loving parents and the experiences of a nurturing childhood. We create with you a loving inner world in which someone is always there to hear and respond to your needs.
  • Strategies for contacting, testing, and working with the Inner Guides (archetypes) through trance, movement, and shamanic practices.
  • Contacting past-life memories within the collective consciousness to access creative abilities, resolve trauma, change karma, and alter contracts with significant others.
  • Integration of sub personalities (different voices within ourselves) to resolve conflicting desires and goals. This leads to the unification of the will and the achievement of dreams.
  • Alchemical Hypnotherapy uses movement, psychodrama, emotional release, touch, breath, and sound to achieve integration at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

A Testimonial from Bruce Burger, MA,RPP,RPE, founder of Heartwood Institute and the Heartwood Community:

David, I have used Alchemical Techniques with virtually every client I have seen in my Energy Medicine practice since I studied your Alchemical work over 25 years ago! Alchemical Therapy is a profound gift to the healing arts and one of the most effective healing synthesis available on the planet today!

Wishing you the best,
Bruce Burger

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Bruce Burger, MA,RPP,RPE, is the founder of Heartwood Institute (1978) and the Heartwood Community (1981), one of the world's leading centers for professional training for careers in massage, somatics, Asian healing arts, personal growth facilitation and spiritual healing. Bruce served on the Board of Directors of The American Polarity Therapy Association for five years. He is the author of Esoteric Anatomy: The Body as Consciousness.